Art is a game.
The game is the road to yourself.

I. Renaissance History

The Renaissance - to be born again, to be reborn - is one of the greatest cultural and historical eras, a turning point in the history of Europe, which laid the foundations of a new European culture.
In recent history, the works of Renaissance artists acquire new colors of history.
Vera Nadezhda Lubov

II. Mass Avant-garde

malevich, athletes Kazimir Severínovich Malévich, athletes malevich, athletes
About Me

I am a self-taught artist.

In my youth, I studied in the workshop at the regional art museum

In adulthood, I studied at the British Higher School of Design.

I love experimenting with materials and surfaces.

For me, real art is a combination of an inner impulse with an outer challenge.

Сontact Me
You can purchase any ready-made work or I can make work to order.
Contact me by email, phone or social media.
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